Breathing Into Your Heart

Sit comfortably, lifting from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Alternatively, lie down on your back.

Place your hand over your heart and close your eyes. With lips gently closed, breathe deeply through your nostrils, filling your belly with every inbreath and releasing on the outbreath.

Drop your awareness into your heart, tuning into its rhythm. Now imagine breathing directly in and out through the heart, as though there is a valve at your heart-centre. Breathing directly into your heart, breathing directly out from your heart. Allow yourself to relax more and more with every breath.

Imagine drawing in all the positive qualities you wish to imbibe as you breathe into your heart (eg. love, peace, clarity, forgiveness, expansiveness, freedom, connection etc), and as you breathe out you release and let go of that which is not for your highest good (eg. resentment, bitterness, anger, contraction, disconnection etc). Continue releasing until you feel a sense of being at ease with yourself.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever is alive in you, to shed tears, to sigh....

Breathing in love, allowing love to permeate and swirl within your body, your heart, your mind...breathing out love, love spirals out to the world around you. Breathing in love, breathing out love. Coming home to your heart, you rest in love. It feels safe, it feels warm, it feels, it feels relaxing, it feels good to breathe into your heart.

Stay here, breathing in love, breathing out love, being Love Itself....

Tong Len Meditation

(A Tibetan Buddhist practice, tong means give and len means take)

Sit comfortably with your eyes softly closed. Imagine in the space in front of you someone whom you hold dear. As you inhale imagine breathing in their suffering in the form of black smoke. When this smoke reaches your heart, it shatters your self-centredness and self-cherishing. As you exhale, imagine breathing out all of your happiness in the form of white light which fills whomever you have imagined. Rejoice in offering this beautiful gift. As you move through this meditation, extend this practice from those that you love, to those with whom you have neutral feelings, then to those with whom you have negative feelings, eventually encompassing the whole universe into your practice.