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Are you seeking music with deeper meaning? Music that engages your mind, opens your heart and encourages you to develop your greatest inner potential?  Then you will love the soulful music of The Rising Lotus and her musical messages of peace, universal love, inner transformation, self-empowerment and positive social change.          
“A fine example of an artist with ambition and principles, making music that aspires to something deeper than the norm” (Music SA). Singer/songwriter, Debra LoveLight (Gibson), has embraced music to reach out to others in order to inspire loving-kindness and compassion toward all, and often to probe the inner workings of the human mind.
Her debut album, “Spread Your Wings”, blends carefully crafted songs with passion, sincerity, gripping melodies and powerful vocals. It was recorded with some of Adelaide’s finest musicians, including BJ Barker on drums (Kasey Chambers) and veteran saxophonist Ralphe Franke (Sting and BB King).
In 2013 The Rising Lotus released her second album, "Inner Revolution". "Inner Revolution" is a powerful, soul-stirring album taking you on an inner journey of self-discovery and positive transformation through a myriad of lush, organic, musical textures. This album captures the energy of her live performances, bringing together musicians of world-class calibre. Recorded with highly sought after drummer, Declan Kelly (Katie Noonan, Guy Sebastian, Micheal Franti), Ralph Franke, Hammond specialist, Paul White, and Adelaide’s top gospel singer, Charmaine Jones as back-up vocalist, and attracted the interest and collaboration of internationally-renowned engineer, Danny Kalb (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Beck).          
"Conscious music…heartfelt, real & transformational...From the opening track “Higher Ground” through to “Lift Yourself Up” the listener is transported through a myriad of styles & tempos…all successfully raising the consciousness to unity, hope, love & harmony… & most importantly, to a life well lived from the awakened heart. A highly recommended CD." Innerself Magazine 
With the awareness of the impact music can have on a listener, Debra strives to be mindful of the messages carried by her songs. “There is a lot of negative, anger-driven music out there, and I feel a need to counteract that with music which is nourishing for the heart and mind”, says Debra. “A single song has the capacity to incite hatred or to justify one’s bitterness, but it also has the capacity to lift one up and inspire greatness. I like to visualize my songs as a peace offering to the world, in that they inspire the listener to look at themselves, turn inward and experience inner peace. Without inner peace, we can never expect peace in the world around us.”
The live performances of The Rising Lotus are a captivating, uplifting and energy-filled demonstration of uniting an audience through the music of love and the love of music. The Rising Lotus comfortably create a “revivalist feel that land(s) somewhere between the sassy power and soul of Aretha Franklin, and the funky idealistic optimism of Sly and The Family Stone” (Faster Louder).
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Creating Conscious Music

This life we have is a gift so precious and rare. We have the capacity to love unconditionally, give freely, transform our thoughts and emotions, manifest our dreams, discover our greatest potential..........all in this single life! How amazing is that?
Yet how often do we deny ourselves this possibility, this gift, every day?
Like everyone else, I have my own experiences, my own baggage, my own story. I too sometimes find myself being lured by illusions and caught up in my own delusions. I have experienced the debilitating lows and darkness of depression, and the struggle to see the light again. I am only human. I am still growing; still learning.
But what little I have learned, the pain of my own history I have transformed, the fear I have walked into, the mountains I have dared to climb, the stories of hope, of peace and universal love I have witnessed…..all of this, and more, I aspire to share in the form of song for the benefit of whomever chooses to listen. I am fortunate enough to live in a time and place where I have the freedom to pursue my ambitions and to freely express myself creatively. This is an enormous privilege. I also realize that while I am only one drop in the ocean, so too are we all only one drop; yet at the same time, without each of our single drops, the ocean would not be as it is. Boundless; full of depth and wonder.
I aspire to make my own drop a valuable contribution to the beautiful depth of all the world’s oceans. I aspire to unveil my greatest inner potential and to live this life I have been gifted with meaningfully. At this point in time, I feel I can make a beneficial offering to this Earth, to humanity, to global peace and to this positive shift in consciousness, through music and song. So right now, this is what I choose to do: Reflect on life, on my inner world and my outer world; express my perspective on how we can all make this world a brighter place to BE; and connect with all living beings through the powerful medium of music. I sing out my songs as a call to peace, to universal love, to oneness, to forgiveness, to spiraling upward, together, hand in hand co-creating a beautiful world where all of life is respected, revered and honoured.
If you wish to join me on this journey through song, I would be deeply honoured to hold your hand. You can connect with the music of The Rising Lotus here: and here:
I have been recently blessed to create and collaborate with a bunch of amazing and inspiring musicians to bring a collection of songs I have written (with the enormous help of my close friend and ex-husband, Daniel) to life. Our good friend and band mate, Ralph Franke, on saxophones; Hammond maestro (I’m a BIG Hammond fan!) Paul White; one of the best drummers in the country, Declan Kelly, who flew in from Sydney; master African drummer, Bortier Okoe – who brought highly infectious energy into the studio – Craig Kelly, who is not related to Declan as far as we could tell, but he is a great bass player and one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet; and the powerful, gospel voice of Charmaine Jones and others with some back-up vocals. And, of course, Dan the man with the white van strumming the acoustic and cherry red Gibson 335 guitars.
We spent weeks rehearsing and refining, followed by an intense and highly productive two days in a friendly Adelaide recording studio (Fat Trax….important note: has free, limitless espresso coffee; much needed during recording!) with the most unbelievably clever and hilarious recording engineer, Matt Williams. Over the next couple of months, myself, Daniel and Matt poured a huge amount of love and energy into vocal harmonies and the production phase, where we did fun things like recording ourselves in a circle clapping, and holding a mic to my feet as I crunched over our gravel driveway in high heels! As a post-thought, we even encountered the good fortune of recording the insanely brilliant slide-guitar skills of the legendary Chris Finnen, who was recently inducted in to the Blues Hall of Fame in New York. What a lovely, humble man.
Happy with how each song was sitting, we sent off all the files to the other side of the world to be mixed by the highly sought after LA-based engineer, Danny Kalb. Danny’s agreement and enthusiasm to work on this album was one of those pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming moments. Having recorded and mixed extensively with blow-me-down musicians like Ben Harper, Beck, Taj Mahal and so on, I’m not sure whether I was more nervous or excited to have Danny’s hands and ears on board! But to my delight he was extremely impressed with the musicianship, quality and crafting of these songs. The 10 tracks that create “Inner Revolution” then flew over to Melbourne for a final polishing with world-renowned and award-winning mastering engineer, Martin Pullan. Then, there's the artwork, pressing CDs and packaging!
Wow, what a process!! I almost can't believe I created this album, in the midst of studying Sound Therapy too. But when the heart feels a desire so deep, the Universe just seems to align everything up to bring about its manifestation. 
I feel so happy about this album my friends. I have deep faith that “Inner Revolution” will make a highly valuable contribution to inner peace, global peace, unity and expanding consciousness. If you would like to contribute to creating greater awareness about the album, the music of The Rising Lotus and conscious music in general, please feel free to share this story with your friends and invite your friends to like the page
I look forward to journeying with you and to sharing “Inner Revolution” with you in your personal journey. May you always be filled with peace, genuine happiness and great love. And don’t forget to shine your own inner light brightly upon all you encounter. In love and friendship ~ Debra