Be Free

Would you give everything, like me, to find
Peaceful stillness of a silent mind?
Not just a glimpse, a fleeting moment
But for all lifetimes
To abide in truth and peace
Every moment to be free
Never again to be confined
Or bound up in the prison of an angered mind?

I have sat at the feet of enlightened ones
And I’ve seen how they’ve overcome
How they’ve overcome all obstacles and delusions
Transformed the confusions
That seem to encapsulate me
And how I long to be free
How I want us all to be free!

There’s no peace to be found in a life
Tormented by your own mind
For, how you think is what you’ll be
And I know there’s a possibility
Not just for you but also for me
The truth is within us all
Love and peace preside
Inside everyone’s heart and mind
We just need to remove the dirt
Let it settle and find clarity
And then peace will naturally
Unfold within us all
Like a flower to a bee

Just open our heart and mind
Feel the connections between all that we find
And there lies peace, how to “be”
It’s in every speck of dust underneath our feet
In the wind blowing through the trees
And every blade of grass underneath those trees
Are like you and me, longing to reach and be free

Reach out to be free
The connection between you and me
Is far greater than the sum of our parts
That are dividing the very heart
Of this Earth
Of our being
Our seeing
Believing in the common truth
When you feel love you have the proof
That we can all be free
Of the confines of our mind that determine reality
Because it’s all just an illusion
That we perpetuate with our delusions
With wisdom and clarity
We can see it all more clearly
We can free our minds
And open our hearts
Now is the time to make the start
To walk this path hand in hand
Together may we understand
That we are all here as one
A united family of love
Longing to reach out beyond them and you and me
Let us all reach out toward love and peace
All reach out and be free
Be free! Be free! Be free!

© Debra Gibson 2011-2012

Do You Hear the Children

Do you hear the children?
They’re playing by the street corner
throwing rocks into the creek
and casting wishes on the wind.
They’re dancing and they’re laughing
round in circles, arm in arm
They’re splashing in muddy puddles
planting footprints on your driveway.

Do you hear the children?
They’re bouncing off the back door
throwing balls in empty buckets
and casting wishes on the wind.
They’re climbing on forgiving limbs
of the tree your parents planted
stripping leaves off drooping willows
tying knots in fronds for bracelets.

Do you hear the children?
They’re singing to the tunes
that they heard in school assembly
and planting wishes in their breath.
They’re drawing pictures in their playroom
with broken, coloured crayons
they’re sticking them on walls
with tape that peels the paintwork.

Do you hear the children?
They’re shouting and they’re fighting
throwing rocks at stolen cars
and crying fears into the wind.
They’re slashing and they’re burning
rubber tyres on the street corner
They’re racing in their boredom
wrapping cars and lives round trees.

Do you hear the children?
They’re weeping and they’re pleading
throwing memories in your direction
and crying in your heart.
Their artwork is still hanging
on the doorway of your mind
and their laughter and their singing
ringing faintly in your ears.

Did you hear the children?

Copyright 2012 Debra Gibson

Beckoning my Beloved

Lay me down 

In the open field of your Love 

For my feet are growing tired 

Searching for your face. 

Let us rest together, 

Nestled in each other’s arms 

And cradled in our Love. 

Let me retire, naked in your arms, 

Skin to skin, 

Safe in the strength of your form. 


Our hearts have been yearning 

To touch each other long enough 

Brushing past to fast 

For our Souls’ to lock their recognition. 

But our Time has come. 

Our dance is imminent. 


Do not be afraid to reach out to me. 

My Heart will hold our Love so safe 

That all doubt and fear melts away. 

I am ready for you, my Love 

I have stripped away the boundaries 

That were carefully protecting my Heart, 

Keeping me at bay from your sailing ship 

And now I am soft, I am open 

Waiting for you to call my name. 


I hear you faintly in the distant 

Crying for my tenderness 

And I love you 

Even though I know not your name. 

How can you be so far away by day 

When I dream of your presence each night? 

Do you feel me 

As I kiss your lips goodnight 

And visit you on that subtle plane? 

Do you hear my cries too, my sweet Love? 

Can you sense my Heart beckoning yours 

As I hold the thought of you at my breast? 


Oh! Reach out to me, my Beloved 

And respond to our calling 

For our Time is Now. 

Your Soul knows how to find me. 

Send your request to the sky 

So I can feel your breath in the wind 

And know that you are close 

And I will meet you here, 

In this Sacred place, 

In this open field of our Love.


~ Debra LoveLight Gibson 2018

Goodnight My Dear

(Blessings to Grandpa George on his journey to the spirit world. After a long struggle, he finally found wings and left his body of pain. I wrote this poem for his wife of 65 years that she may find comfort as she adjusts to his transition into the non-physical )


Goodnight my dear, let me plant my final kiss upon your lips
as I bid my farewell.
It is time to journey into the night sky, carried by the spirit winds,
to take your place amongst the stars,
that you may shine upon me in these darkening hours.
And as the sun rises to greet a new day, without your hand in mine,
I will search for you in the belly of a mother I haven't yet met.
I will smell your scent on a blossoming rose
and behold your beauty forever in my heart.
I will feel your soft caress upon my cheek in the midsummer breeze,
and I will see your face forming in the clouds.
And when the birds chirp their morning song outside our bedroom window,
I will hear you singing sweetly to me of the song we fell in love to.
And in the swaying fronds of the weeping tree you whisper
that you are here, you never left me.
You are everywhere and everything, and forever will you live in my heart.
Good day, my dear.

Ocean of Tears

We are all crying tonight.
Alone and together, we cry and we weep
salty tears from our ocean of suffering.

Share your pain with me tonight
and I’ll shed for you all our tears.
They’ll moisten the air with love
and soften the pain in my heart;
As I reach out to you with tenderness
as I embrace our pain without fear.

Cry with me tonight
and I will hold your hand.
Reach out to me with your tears and your fears,
and tomorrow we will ride the waves
on the ocean of all the world’s pain.

 Copyright 2010-2012 Debra Gibson


May Troubles Be My Teacher

May troubles be my teacher
And may my heart be my refuge
In the tearing open of my chest
May I plunge into this bottomless ocean of loving tenderness
May I kiss life so passionately
That even the deepest pain is a quiver of sweetness
As my eyes cry the tears of a thousand in mourning
May my soul be watered with the showers of compassion
Swimming softly in the salty waters of abandon
May I live to love
And love to feel life's fullness
And may troubles be my teacher
May my heart be my refuge
Copyright Debra LoveLight Gibson 2016-17

Fear Not of My Darkness

Do not pity me, for I suffer not alone in the Garden of Thorns.

Amongst me are the weary and forlorn, the despondent and the helpless, those who have been caste away and those to whom shelter is nought but an empty night sky. The rumblings of the starving pits and the wind that echoes through the carcass of Death are the sounds to which my ears have humbly been attuned.

Save your lament, for my feet blazened with fire and the wounds I was covering by my pinions are there of my own choosing.

Fear not to visit me amongst the weeds, as much as you would not fear visit me in my Temple of Greatness. For the ground in which I dig to hide my wounds is the self-same ground upon which my Glory was built. And the stones underneath which I now hide are the very stepping stones you climbed to reach the peak of my Temple.  Just as the torn cloth which veils my sadness is but the sullied fabric which my pride has once adorned.

Pity not my suffering, nor would you suffer with me.  For two anchors tied together will sink farther than one. While now I drift, you may see me sink, but in this sinking touch I the very core of my Ocean’s crust; which I must pass through Darkness to know.

And if you must stand there, do not lament my Darkness. For it is in Darkness that the brightest Light needs shine. And it is true, that in the darkest of hours, shine greatest those who carry the Light.

While you sorrow that I once was your beacon, so now you may shine your Light through my Darkness.  In this Calling, direct not a single beam upon me, but stretch your rays far and wide. Thus from the suffering of one close to you, may you further your gaze to those unlike you: frozen in the timeless warp of blacktide.

So fear not, when you visit my Temple and I come not to greet you. I am hiding in the recesses of suffering in order that you discover the softness in your own heart. And it is in the most tender part of your Being that you will find me and my closest companions.


Copyright Debra LoveLight Gibson

NB. I wrote this poem whilst in the midst of an episode of depression in order to "shed some light" on the dark places this black dog plunges us into for those who love or care for someone struggling with depression. If you are struggling, please reach out, there are no prizes for struggling alone in silence. There is help available:

beyondblue Support Service provides advice and support via telephone 24/7 ph. 1300 22 4636

LifeLine Australia ph. 131114

Come Together as One

Shiva Shakti

I stand Before You, my arms open wide

Ready to embrace You, surrender to Love as my Guide

I look into your eyes, our Souls together they meet

Drinking deeply of our Love, our Hearts as One they beat


And they come together as One

Come together as One


I honour the Divine in You as I draw in light from above

I call upon Heaven's Angels to be a witness of our Love

In Yab Yum on a lotus bed, in unison we breathe

Moving together, riding waves of ecstasy


As we come together as One

Come together as One



Sita Ram!


~ Debra

Shiva Shakti ~ Debra LoveLight 2017

Life pulsating with Life
Breath upon Breath
Kisses spoken by the Divine
In formless words that move lips
Bodies tangled into the shape of Love
Hearts that beat in Sacred resonance
Surrendering to the sweetness of tenderness
The lines erased between pleasure and pain
Shattering old stories, breaking chains
That bind to the illusion of separateness
Melting boundaries that guarded the Heart
Eyes that recognize Souls past dances
Into You I see Me
A Remembrance of Love as One
God and the Goddess melting
Into a Living Loving Union
Shiva Shakti, Transcending duality
Weaving Timeless Infinity
Together as One...


Dedicated to my Future Beloved ~ Debra

Fighting for Truth

Waging a war, battling the lies
Fighting for justice and truth to preside.
Today saw a victory for truth
But justice got left behind.
Is the battle over,
Shall I lay rest my sword?
What I was fighting for suddenly isn’t so important anymore.
What matters is that you’re hurting
and my heart wants to be with you now
to soak up your tears
allay all your fears;
Been too many years.
Where did they go?
Where have we been?
Time has etched your unknown face upon my mind -
Faded memories of a tiny child with arms outstretched to encircle me.
I’ve worn your presence on my arm
and my heart has never ceased holding you with deep love.

You never knew me.
You never knew the pain & torment.
And now my heart, how it weeps
telling my eyes to fill with tears.
Salty stains line my cheeks
to remind me that I’m human, I’m fragile;
It’s okay to feel hurt.
Time has been swept away with a current of lies -
Can the truth clean up the mess it left behind?
I'll be here for you, I'll hold your hand & comfort your heart
If you want me to.
Lay down your shield,
I’ll be here to soak up your fears
And give hope to all your tomorrows.

Debra Gibson Copyright 2011-2012


Do not be afraid in your loneliness,
for you are then blessed in peace.
Since your heart speaks only softly,
how else would you hear its whispers
other than in the silence of your solitude?
The words that fill the air of the lips of your company
cannot speak of that which dwells in your own heart.
They may fill your ears with idle gossip,
but resist feasting on these bitter indulgences –
For what enters your sound drum
may too soon fill your soul with negative vibrations.
Rejoice in the moments you spend alone, resting your ears,
to give rise to thoughts and dreams that reside in your innermost being.
Your heart can cast much light upon your confusion and darkness
should you offer it space.
Do not be afraid in your loneliness,
for you are not alone when you dwell in the kingdom of inner peace.

Copyright 2012 Debra Gibson


Your Heart Knows

The mind that knows suffering
understands little to the heart that feels pain.
For compassion stems not from the head
but is borne of a heart that cares.

A vast library of the knowledge of suchness teaches well the learned scholar,
but it is in the heart that sets forth with unbiased love that the Great Lessons of Life are unveiled.
For the heart that knows how to beat to the rhythm of all drums cannot be drawn out in words.

Little means of sympathy from above;
Greatness is standing alongside the suffering of another.
For the finger that points downward reaches not in the places of those whose hand tenderly holds another.
When your right hand is wounded, is it the head that reaches down to comfort it?
Nay, it is the left hand that covers the wound and nurtures the pain of the right.

When you feel the pain of your friends’ crucifixion, is it your head that you clutch at?
When you watch helplessly the slaughter of an innocent creature, is it your head that sinks as their blood spills?
Nay, it is your heart which you tear at.

Your head is useful for laying down plans
but it is with your heart with which you ought set forth.
It is in the depths of your heart where your greatest longing resides.
So let your heart determine the beat to which your feet walk, that they may walk with tender care to the places of most need.

Copyright 2011-2012 Debra Gibson


Third World Debt

Third World debt, third world debt
Turn around a first world regret.
First, second, third, whatever
Don't want to live like this forever.

We think we know through virtual reality
Television mediates a world of duality.
We sit back full, rich and berated
Scorning a poverty we've actually created.

Then we label it democracy.
More like screwed-up hypocrisy.
The mergers, credits, conditions, guns;
Sure didn't vote for your kind of fun.

It's governments that make mistakes,
Not hungry children with belly aches.
Bureaucrats and bankers in high-rise buildings
Pens and laptops determine those feelings.

Just put a human face on statistics
Decisions with a heart are more realistic.
The mother whose breast is dry can't know
Economic rationalism leaves her child hungry, so...

Third world debt, third world debt;
Drop it and change a first world regret.

Copyright 2002-2012 Debra Gibson

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  • Steve

    Steve Melbourne

    Lovely and truthfull words you speak,Debra. Bless You. Steve(planet earth singles, letitbe123)

    Lovely and truthfull words you speak,Debra.
    Bless You.
    Steve(planet earth singles, letitbe123)